I’m Tired of Just Getting By . . . How Do I Move From Surviving to Thriving? - Dr. Rhoda

WELS International Youth Rally, June 2018

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (ELS)  - Prof. Marty

Milwaukee Metro Teachers Conference, March 2018


Team Building Through Strengths - Dr. Rhoda
         Kingdom Workers Organization

Moving from Surviving to Thriving - Dr. Rhoda
         Augustine Prep Academy - Milwaukee

Framing Students Success - Dr. Rhoda & Prof. Marty

Dakota, Montana, Nebraska Teachers' Conference, October 2018

Framing Student Success - Dr. Rhoda & Prof. Marty

Wisconsin State Teachers' Conference, Fall 2019


Moving from Surviving to Thriving: Recalibrating your Compass. Aimed at the wellness of teachers

Raising a Christ-Centered Child in a Me Centered World – Aimed at parents

Creating a Culture of Inclusion: the antidote to bullying – Aimed at teachers/parents


Teacher Professional Development:

A Framework for Understanding Poverty

Strategies for At-Risk Learners

Brain Based Learning Strategies

Memory: Retention and Recall – How to learn so the brain best remembers

What’s Going on in There? Better Understanding the Adolescent Brain

Child Development and the Spiritual Implications

Conflict Management in a Way that Brings Glory to God

Perseverance and Motivation within Education

Developing Leadership Skills within Students

Societal Trends Impacting Education

Environmental Literacy and Sustainability (ELS)

Operation Science: Inquiry Based Learning

Enriching Instruction for High Ability Learners in Mathematics

Creating and Maintaining a Positive Learning Environment for 21st Century Learners

Mathematics:  Inventive Thinking for 21st Century Learners

Critical Thinking and Pedagogy in Mathematics

Case Study:  Wisconsin Lutheran College: Approaches to Interdisciplinary Communication

Faculty Team Building Through Understanding Each Other’s Strengths