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Our goal in FIVE TO THRIVE is to equip and support educators and parents as they help each child develop to his or her full God given potential.  

Our primary objective is to synthesize the research on the brain and learning and provide applicable strategies answering the question, “What does this mean in my classroom or home?”



We welcome your feedback. By emailing us, you grant permission for your name and feedback to be included in a future episode. If you'd rather stay anonymous, please say so in the email. If you agree, please send feedback.

“I just want to tell you how much I appreciate and enjoy your podcasts and blog! I have been teaching in schools for 18 years and find your research and advice so very practical in both the areas of personal wellness and professional growth. The knowledge and suggestions you give are what I take back into my classroom and my personal life immediately. I know I have grown as an educator from listening to your podcasts (some of which I have listened to several times). Thank you for your work! The Lord is blessing all your efforts and using you to build and strengthen his earthly kingdom!” - received from listener on Dec. 8th.

Thank you for your comment!

Dr. Rhoda and Prof. Marty